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Fachgruppen Talks

DZG Fachgruppen Talks
30 min keynotes, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 11:30 and 12:00


Ernst-Abbe-Platz, Lecture Hall 1 Morphology

Cathrin Pfaff, Universität Wien, Austria
Enter the labyrinth - Functional morphological and phylogenetic signals of the organ of balance in vertebrates

Tim Wollesen, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
Insights into lophotrochozoan evolution – on the morphology and molecular signature of single cells in a mollusk with pronounced ancestral traits

Ernst-Abbe-Platz, Lecture Hall 3 Developmental Biology: Haeckel’s legacy – The hourglass model

Lennart Olsson, Institut für Zoologie, Jena, Germany
From the Biogenetic law to the hour-glass model: is there a conserved stage in vertebrate development?

Naoki Irie, Tokyo, Japan
Haeckel’s recapitulation theory refuted by the hourglass model?

14:00 (after lunch break)
Tomislav Domazet-Lošo, Zagreb, Croatia
Phylogeny-ontogeny correlations: lessons from microbial biofilms

Ernst-Abbe-Platz, Lecture Hall 4Physiology

Marian Yong-An Hu, Physiologiches Institut, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Germany
pH regulation in marine calcifying systems

Georg Petschenka, Institut für Insektenbiotechnologie, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, Germany
Plant toxins as a driver of insect-plant coevolution


Ernst-Abbe-Platz, Lecture Hall 1 Neurobiology

Eva K. Fischer, Department of Biology, Stanford University, USA
Mechanisms of Behavioral Evolution

David Owald, Institute of Neurophysiology, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany
Waking at night. Slow-wave oscillations in Drosophila

Ernst-Abbe-Platz, Lecture Hall 3 Systematics, Diversity and Biogeography

Paschalia Kapli, Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment, University College London, UK
The As and Bs of animal phylogeny

Björn von Reumont, Animal Venomik, Institut für Insektenbiotechnologie, Universität Gießen, Germany
Evolutionary venomics of pancrustaceans

Ernst-Abbe-Platz, Lecture Hall4 Behaviour

Christian Nawroth, Institute of Behavioural Physiology, Leibniz Institute for Farm Animal Biology, Dummerstorf, Germany
Goats who stare at scientists - human-directed behaviour in livestock

Vera Schlüssel, University of Bonn, Germany
'Sharkspeare' & 'Sharkira' - Sharks may not write poems or songs, but they can still hit the right notes in many cognitive tasks


Ernst-Abbe-Platz, Lecture Hall 1 Evolutionary Biology

Alice Dennis, Potsdam, Germany
Evolution of infectivity in parasitoid wasps

Dino McMahon, Berlin, Germany
The evolution of termite immunity

Ernst-Abbe-Platz, Lecture Hall 3 Ecology

Ina Schaefer, J.F. Blumenbach Institute of Zoology and Anthropology, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany
Flickering lights below the ground: what molecules tell us about an invisible world

Karsten Mody, Ecological Networks, Biology, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany
Valuing intraspecific variation in plant-animal interactions: from individual traits to restoration sites and agro-ecosystems