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Form and function of motion systems: new approaches, new opportunities, new challenges

September 9–10, 2019 | Großer Hörsaal der Zoologie

Start: Monday, 10:00
The "Fachgruppe Morphologie" is happy to announce a satellite meeting on form and function of motion systems to discuss the development of movement related science and improve exchange between the scientific disciplines. The keynote speakers are renowned experts in integrative biology, but use different animal groups or approaches to tackle down broader functional and evolutionary questions. Integrative biology with focus on movement systems provides a key interface between otherwise well separated scientific disciplines. Thus, animal movement can be and is examined from morphological, behavioral, biomechanical, physiological, phylogenetical, engineering, and many more perspectives. This satellite aims to bring together young ambitious as well as advanced established scientists. With many of us using new digital techniques producing vast quantities of data; we want to discuss the value of this data rush with respect to knowledge gain and risks, as well as how to find a good balance between depth of detail and abstraction.

Fees: regular: 25 €, students 15€

The fee for the satellite symposium will include provisions during coffee breaks, two simple lunches and a dinner on the 9th of September (probably BBQ in the beautiful courtyard of the Institute of Zoology).

As there will be no separate graduate meeting of the DZG subject group Morphology in 2019, the satellite symposium in Jena will also serve partly as a mini-graduate-meeting. This mini-graduate-meeting will serve as a peer-group-meeting of the undergraduate-, graduate- and PhD-students. In this context, we will give participants the opportunity to present posters on their work, foster scientific exchange and meet within their peer-group (pre-registration for the satellite-symposium is required). Information on the upcoming graduate meeting in 2020 will be given in the meeting of the subject group in Jena.

This meeting is a Satellite Symposium of the 112th Annual Meeting of the German Zoological Society (DZG)


Egon Heiss (Jena)
Tom Weihmann (Köln)
Ellen Schulz-Kornas (Leipzig)

Keynote Speakers:

  • Emily Rayfield (Bristol)
  • Anthony Herrel (Paris)
  • Michael Heethoff (Darmstadt)
  • Volker Dürr (Bielefeld)


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