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September 9–10, 2019 | Lecture Hall 3

The “Fachgruppe Neurobiologie” is happy to organize the neuroethology satellite meeting 2019 on neural control of behavior. In this meeting, we will bring together researchers that study the behavior and physiology of different animals in order to understand the neural mechanisms that underlie animal behavior. How is information about the environment perceived and encoded in a neural network and how does the ecology of an animal influence this processing? These topics will be outlined by two invited keynote speakers, who are leading experts in neuroecology and animal behavior. In a highly comparative approach we will bring together young researchers with renowned experts in the field of neuroethology. Our aim is to compare information processing and motor control in a variety of animals and learn about recent advances and state-of-the-art-techniques that allow scientists to study how behavior and brain activity are linked.

Costs: Regular Participants: 25€, Students: 15€

Keynote Speakers:

Emily Baird, Stockholm, Sweden
Rüdiger Krahe, Berlin, Germany


Lecture Hall 3. Monday 14:00 – 18.45, follwed by dinner; Tuesday 9:30 – 15.30

Tobias Kohl (München) email
Basil el Jundi (Würzburg) email