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Symposium "Insect Timinig"

September 7-8, 2020 | Lecture Hall 154 Neue Universität Sanderring, Sanderring 2, 97070 Würzburg

Timing plays an important role in all living systems. Endogenous clocks enable organisms to anticipate daily or seasonal variation in environmental conditions. Being in the right place at the right time crucially determines the chance to find food or mating partners, the chance to synchronise with mutualistic interaction partners or to avoid antagonists and harmful environmental events. Insects are masters in behavioural timing and adapt quickly to changing environmental conditions.

This satellite symposium will discuss recent progress in our understanding of the mechanisms, origins and behavioural and ecological consequences of daily to seasonal insect timing, aiming to provide an integrated organismal view across scales. Contributions welcome from researchers at all career stages and across fields, from neuroscience, behaviour, physiology, evolutionary biology to ecology.

With Main Meeting 30 €,
Without Main Meeting50 €,
Student with Main Meeting 20 €,
Student Without Main Meeting 30