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Travel by Train (Deutsche Bahn)

Please be aware that there is some reconstruction work of train tracks around Berlin and Hamburg this fall. Thus, delays and other inconveniences may occur if you plan to travel by train from Berlin or from Hamburg to Greifswald. Alternatively, you may consider to use the bus service (

Rent a Bike in Greifswald

If you plan to use a bike during the congress you can rent a bike here:

Stations in Greifswald for short-term bike rent:

  • Markt Greifswald
  • Train Station Greifswald
  • Brücke Greifswald/Wieck
  • Shopping Mall Dom-Center, Lange Str. 40

Radladen am Rosengarten
Rudolf-Petershagen-Allee 22a
Tel: 03834-535 444

Radcenter Wallis & Fründ
Ostseeviertel-Einkaufszentrum (Shopping Mall)
Rigaer Str. 9
Tel: 03834-887 074 0

Zweirad Krüger
Gützkower Straße 81/82
Tel: 03834-502268