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Travel by Train (Deutsche Bahn)

Jena does not have one main station / Hauptbahnhof but two relevant stations: Jena-West and Jena-Paradies. From both these stations, it is only a few minutes to the city centre. You currently cannot reach Jena by ICE (thanks to wise political decisions in the 1990ies).

In most cases, you will travel by regional train from Erfurt (ICE München-Berlin and ICE Frankfurt-Halle / Leipzig) and take the regional train (ca 30 mins) to Jena-WEST.

You can also take regional trains to Jena-PARADIES: From Nürnberg and from either Halle/Saale or from Leipzig.

Most travellers: Regional trains from Erfurt every ca. 30 mins. (Jena West)
From the east: Regional trains from Chemnitz / Gera every ca. 30 mins (Jena West)
From the south: Regional trains from Nürnberg / Saalfeld every ca. 60 mins (Jena Paradies)
From the north: Regional trains from Halle/Saale and Leipzig every ca. 60 mins (Jena Paradies)


The closest airport to Jena is Halle/Leipzig. Travel by train from Leipzig Airport to Jena takes between ca. 75 and 110 minutes. Alternatives are Nürnberg airport, Berlin airport and Frankfurt airport - train travel to Jena takes ca 2.5–3.5 hour. Car rental at airports is also possible.

Jena can easily be reached using Autobahn 4.