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Würzburg can be reached by train and Flixbus as well as by car directly via BAB 3 and 7. Coming by plane would be easiest via Frankfurt am Main or Nürnberg

Once at Würzburg Mainstation you have several options:

- tram line # 1 (direction Sanderau),3 (direcction Heuchelhof), or 5 (direction Rottenbauer)
- hopp off at "Sanderring", turn left and follow the street "Sanderring" for a few hundred meters

-bus to "Ottostraße" here you can find the next bus going: bus schedule. Choose "Hauptbahnhof" as starting point and "Ottostraße" as destination. Then choose day and time of travel and click "Suchen"
- hopp off at "Ottostraße", turn right and you will see the building already

The closest airport to Würzburg is Frankfurt am Main. Travel by train from Frankfurt to Würzburg takes between ca. 90 minutes. Alternatives are Nürnberg airport, with a travel time of 75 minutes by train

Würzburg can be reached using Autobahn BAB 3 or BAB 7.