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Posters will be pitched in two Poster Pitch sessions. Posters with ODD numbers will be pitched on Thursday at 04.15 pm, posters with EVEN numbers on Thursday at 06.15 pm.

Directly after the Poster Pitch, the poster presenters will be at their poster in the Mensa and are open for questions.

  1. Each poster presenter will be allowed exactly 1 minute to pitch his poster.
  2. All poster pitch participants should line up ten minutes before the scheduled time according to the pitch sequence in the Audimax.
  3. The supporting slides will be projected on the screen, in the order mentioned below. 
  4. One power point slide (saved as pdf) is allowed which needs to contain the following information:

    Powerpoint size: 4 : 3
    Poster session / poster number in left upper corner 
    Authors (presenting author underlined and bold) and affiliation
    Information you consider most important provided in figures and minimal figure legends
  5. If a participant does not provide a pitch slide before the deadline, a blank slide will be placed for their sequence.

The file has to be sent before 29th of August 2024 by email to dzg2024@uni-hohenheim.de.

We will publish the list of Poster Pitch Presenters here when they have been selected.