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Chitinous structures in ecdysozoan species

Subject Group Physiology

Mon | September 9th, 2024
09.30 am – 08.30 pm

University of Hohenheim
BIO building
Lecture hall HS Ö1


The aim of this satellite symposium is to bring together scientists who are involved at different levels with chitin-containing structures in Ecdysozoa, in order to gain an improved understanding of the mechanisms underlying diversity through comparative perspectives.

To achieve this, scientists working on the ultrastructure, biochemistry, biophysics, and biomechanics of chitin-containing structures in Ecdysozoa will be invited, with the ultimate goal of obtaining a better understanding of the hierarchical assembly of cuticular layers from chitin-containing fibrils.

The regulation of synthesis and breakdown of cuticle components during molting will also be looked at comparatively, as well as the evolution of genes encoding chitin synthases, chitin-binding proteins, and chitin-modifying/degrading enzymes.

Highlights of the program:

  • Introduction:
    Hans Merzendorfer
    University of Siegen

  • Session I:
    Synthesis, modification and degradation of chitin in ecdysozian species

  • Keynote Lecture
    Qing Yang
    Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China

  • Session II:
    Chitin binding proteins and their functions in chitinous matrices

  • Session III:
    Structural principles of cuticles of ecdysozoan species

  • Session VI:
    Barrier functions of chitinous matrices in ecdysozoan species

  • Keynote Lecture:
    Umut Toprak
    Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey

  • Poster session and Poster Prize

Registration fee

11 €

Make sure to include our satellite symposium during your registration!

Target audience

Professors, researchers, postdocs, and PhD students, with interest in evolutionary biology, biomechanics, biochemistry, or the study of chitin-containing structures, are welcome to participate in the stimulating environment for networking, learning, and contributing to the vibrant discussions.


Organisational matters

Lunch individually
04.00 pm – 04.30 pm Coffee break

Following the registration, please use the link https://codechi.de/events to submit your abstract. If you have any questions, please contact us at: tagungcodechide.

We look forward to welcoming you to our satellite symposium and engaging in insightful discussions on the fascinating world of chitin-containing structures in Ecdysozoa.


Hans Merzendorfer
University of Siegen
Institut für Biologie, Molekularbiologie, Molekulare Physiologie

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